This year’s PSA campaign has generated significant controversy. Several malls and movie theaters in Boston, Houston, San Francisco, and Washington, DC rejected the ads. That’s right, the same malls that house Victoria’s Secret and theaters that show movies full of sex and violence rejected a public service campaign on infertility prevention, claiming that the announcements (PSAs) were not family friendly or entertaining. Similar PSAs were displayed as part of last year’s campaign inside buses in New York, suburban Chicago, and Seattle.

Fortunately, this year’s campaign will appear in other venues. Packets that include a poster and multiple copies of a magazine style newsletter are being distributed to college health centers, community health centers, Planned Parenthood health centers, and YWCA gyms to coincide with National Infertility Awareness Week (September 21-29).

  • For more information about this year’s campaign, read our launch press release.
  • View the rejected movie PSAs.
  • View the rejected mall PSA.
  • View PSAs from 2001 that were displayed inside buses in New York, suburban Chicago, and Seattle (Adobe Acrobat format).
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